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Safety Committee Policy & Procedures

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2019 Minutes
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(Revised 9/01; Partly Revised 3/07)

The Kitsap Transit Safety Committee will meet to review safety concerns observed by members of the Committee or by employees of Kitsap Transit.  It will also serve as an appeals board regarding preventability determinations of accidents and accidents reclassified as incidents.  Areas reviewed by the Committee may include facilities, equipment, or service in which there is a safety concern.

1. MEETING TIMES: The Committee shall meet once a month at a time designated by the schedules of its members.  Meetings may be held more often at the discretion of the Committee members. The length of the meetings shall not exceed one hour except by majority vote of the Committee.

2. COMPOSITION OF COMMITTEE: The Committee shall consist of three Routed Transit Operators, one Access Operator, one Maintenance employee, and five members of the administrative staff.

The Routed Operators' representatives shall be elected by Routed Operators and the Access Operator elected by the Access Operators.  Employees of the Maintenance Department shall elect the Maintenance representative.  The Executive Director shall appoint the administrative representatives.

The term of office shall be one year, with the terms of the elected positions to be staggered so that continuity will be assured.  One Routed Transit Operator and the Maintenance representative will begin their terms in April.  One Routed Operator and the Access Operator will begin his/her term in May. The third Routed Transit Operator and the five representatives from the administrative staff will begin their terms in July.

The Committee members shall elect the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson in August.

The Committee also includes the Human Resources Director or designee and the Human Resources Training & Education Coordinator, who act as advisors; neither is a voting member of the Committee, except in the case of tie votes (see Voting section). The Routed and ACCESS “Driver of the Year” are offered the opportunity to attend the meetings, however they are not voting members.  The Human Resources Administrative Associate provides clerical support.

3. VOTING: All actions requiring a vote by the Committee including accident appeals, require a quorum.  A majority or six (6) of the Committee must vote to make a quorum.  One of the Safety Advisors will vote only if there is a tie vote.

4. AGENDA:The Chairperson shall prepare an agenda before each meeting.

5. MINUTES:The HR Administrative Associate or designee shall take minutes of each meeting.  She shall be responsible for distributing them to the Committee members and posting them on all Agency bulletin boards after the Committee has approved them.  She is also responsible for updating the list of safety achievements posted on the bulletin boards.

6. SAFETY SUGGESTIONS: The Safety Committee will review all safety suggestions made by Kitsap Transit employees.  Suggestions received from employees or Committee members will be sent by the HR Administrative Associate to the appropriate department director for a response.  Responses will be reviewed by the Safety Committee and added to the Accomplishment List, which is posted with the minutes of each meeting.

The Safety Committee may also review other safety issues brought to their attention or at their request.


a. Determination of Preventability

All accidents and accidents reclassified as incidents will be reviewed by the Accident Review Committee to determine whether the occurrence was preventable or non-preventable according to the guidelines established by the National Safety Council.  Within ten (10) working days of the occurrence, the committee will notify the employee and his/her department director in writing of their determination.  If the investigation has not been completed and no determination made in the above time period, the parties will be notified in writing of that fact and the new date the Accident Review Committee expects to make a decision. Once the determination is made, the parties will be notified in writing.

b. Appeal of Preventability Determination to the Safety Committee

The Safety Committee will act as a review board for any employee who does not agree with the preventability determination of his/her accident or incident. Only the determination of preventability may be appealed to the Safety Committee.

The employee must present the appeal in writing to the Chairperson of the Safety Committee within ten (10) working days of his/her receipt of the determination.  It must state those facts about the accident or incident that the employee desires the Safety Committee to consider.  The appeal hearing will be set within twenty (20) working days of receipt of the appeal. If an employee fails to show for his/her appeal hearing and requests another date, the committee will review the reason.  If the reason is compelling, the committee will reschedule the appeal a second time.

The purpose of the hearing is to ascertain the facts of the accident or incident and determine whether the preventability determination, per the National Safety Council criteria, is to be upheld or overturned.  The employee making the appeal has no right to representation on his/her behalf in this meeting.  Only the employee and a representative of the Accident Determination Committee may attend the appeal hearing. The employee and the department director will be notified in writing of the Safety Committee's decision within ten (10) working days of the hearing.

If a committee member is the person making an appeal, or is a member of the Accident Review Committee or is the supervisor (person issuing discipline) of the employee making the appeal, he/she will be disqualified from reviewing and voting on the appeal.  If a committee member is a shop steward, he/she may participate in the appeals hearing only if he/she is not or will not be representing the employee in a grievance about the accident.

c. Appeal to National Safety Council

If the employee, the Kitsap Transit's Accident Determination Committee, or management wishes to appeal the decision of the Safety Committee, that party must advise the Safety Committee Chairperson within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the Committee's decision.  The Chairperson or his/her designee will submit the facts of the case to the National Safety Council by mail within ten (10) working days.  The facts shall include all evidence provided to the Safety Committee in the appeal hearing and the minutes of the hearing.  No additional facts may be submitted in the appeal to the National Safety Council beyond those facts brought to the Safety Committee.  The decision by the National Safety Council is final.

8. SPECIAL AWARDS: The Safety Committee reserves the right to honor any employee who has contributed significantly to the safe operation of Kitsap Transit.  The award will be made at the discretion of the Safety Committee.

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