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Employee Club

Your Current Employee Club Officers Are:

Cyndi Griffey , Worker/Driver - President or 360-478-6222/ICM 2103
Gary Young , ACCESS Operations - Vice President

Paula Bayne, ACCESS Operations - Treasurer or 360-824-4932/ICM 2310
Vacant - Secretary

The purpose of the Employee’s Club is to promote and coordinate opportunities for all Kitsap Transit employees and their families to interact outside of work for the purpose of fostering a more cohesive workforce

The Employee’s Club is operated exclusively for pleasure, recreation, and other non-profit purposes.  No part of the net earnings will benefit any one private individual.  Its operating budget is based solely on the membership dues and private donations.  Kitsap Transit does not subsidize it.

Membership is open to all individuals currently employed at Kitsap Transit.  The Employee’s Club is governed by a committee that consists of: President, Vice-President. Secretary, Treasurer and other interested members-at-large.

Dues are $8.00 per month or $96.00 per year, which can be paid through payroll deduction.  This is done by completing the Employee Member Application form and returning to Finance.

Employees need not be members to participate in the sponsored activities, however non-members must pay the admission for themselves, as well as family members, to the activities.

Past sponsored events:

Easter Egg Hunt
Trip to Longacres
Special Day Baskets
Co-ed Softball Team
Ham and Turkey Raffle
Halloween Monster Stomp
Annual Company Dinner/Dance
Summer picnic – Wild Waves & Miracle Ranch

We are always open to new ideas, so please don’t be shy!  Let us know what you would like to do!!

The Employee’s Club also acknowledges the following life-changing events with a card, provided the employee notifies an Employee Club committee member.  This information is confidential and can only be acknowledged when the employee notifies the committee.

Get Well
Death in family

Interested? Click here for the Employee Club Enrollment Form (pdf)

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