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Route 19 - Crossroads Shuttle - Bus Stops

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Lefts, Rights, and Bus Stops
Shelter #
Inbound to PSNS in AM
Crossroads Church Park & Ride
Right on Fairgrounds
Right on Hwy 303 onto Wheaton, onto Warren
Stop at 5th & Warren
Right on Burwell
Stop at Burwell & State
Stop at Burwell & Naval
Left on Callow onto Charleston
Stop at First St.
Right on Rogers
Left on Cambrian    
Left on Charleston    
Stop at Callow/Farragut (Charleston Gate-PSNS)
Lefts, Rights, and Bus Stops
Shelter #
Outbound to Crossroads Church P&R in PM
Depart Callow/Farragut (Charleston Gate-PSNS)
Right on Farragut 
Right on Charleston onto Callow 
Stop at First St.
Right on Burwell 
Stop at Naval & Burwell    
Stop at State & Burwell    
Left on Warren 
Stop at 6th & Warren No
Onto Wheaton, onto Hwy 303     
Left on Fairgrounds
Left on Old Military 
Right into Crossroads Church Park & Ride

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