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Route 36 - Ridgetop Shuttle - Bus Stops

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Lefts, Rights, and Bus Stops
Shelter #
Silverdale Transit Center
Right on Greaves Way    
Right Waaga Way
Onto Kitsap Mall Boulevard
Left on Randall Way
Stop at Myhre Pl (across from Macy's Furniture Gallery)
Left onto Silverdale Way
Stop across from Post Office (entrance to Clear Creek Trail)    
Stop at Gateway Park (dog park) after Woodbridge St
Stop at The Highway Church (Park & Ride) at Nuthatch Way    
Stop at Quail Hollow Apartments
Silverdale Way & Schold    
Stop at Westridge Drive NW
Stop at Spirit Ridge Rd.
Right onto Ridgetop Blvd
Stop on Gallery St.
Stop at Plateau Circle (Point-of-View)
Stop at Ridgepoint (Trillium Heights and Silverdale Heights)
Ridgetop & Pinnacle - Stop at Pinnacle Ct.
Stop at Tahoe Ln. (76 Station, across from Timber Shadow)
Stop at Silverdale Lutheran Church (Ridgepoint Dr.)
Stop at Santa Fe Lane
Stop at Shipside Ln. (Ridgetop Apartments)
Stop past Derryfield Dr.
Stop at Boardwalk Pl.
Stop Ridgetop Jr High (Hillsboro Dr.)
Stop past Sid Uhinck (just past the crosswalk)
Ridgetop & Myhre - Stop by Best Buy
Stop after Mickelberry
Stop at Blaine Ave.
Stop at Silverdale Way (O'Reilly's Auto Parts)
Right on Silverdale Way
Left into Kitsap Mall    
Stop at Kitsap Mall
Exit Kitsap Mall.
Right on Silverdale Way    
Right on Kitsap Mall Boulevard
Stop after Sears entrance    
Stop at Plaza Rd.    
Left on Greaves Way
Left into Silverdale Transit Center

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