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Route 44 - Poulsbo Central - Bus Stops

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Lefts, Rights, and Bus Stops
Shelter #
North Viking Transit Center and Park & Ride
Left on Viking Ave
Right on Hwy. 305 onto Olympic College Way    
Right at staff parking sign (with "T")    
Left through staff parking to turnaround/shelter    
Olympic College - Stop
Return down hill on Olympic College Way    
Stop at Advance Ln (Cacade View Medical Center)
Right on Reliance Street
Left on Market Place past strip mall at bottom of hill  
Stop at Big5/Office Max    
Stop at Home Depot    
Stop at strip mall (across from Walmart)    
Left on Market Place (past strip mall)    
Left on Olhava Way    
Right on Hwy. 305    
Stop after Bond Rd. (near the Medical Center)
Left on Forest Rock Lane    
Right on 10th Avenue    
Central Market - Stop across street (in front of Taco Time)
Stop in front of Key Bank    
Right onto Liberty Rd.
Left on 7th Ave.
Stop 7th and Poulsbo Village
Stop by Doctor's Clinic before Iverson
Left on Iverson
Stop at Kitsap Regional Library    
Onto Lincoln Road    
Right on 8th Avenue    
Stop before Hostmark near Gateway P&R    
Right on Hostmark Street into parking lot    
Stop at Gateway Fellowship Park & Ride Yes
Exit parking lot to the right, back onto Hostmark    
Stop across from Poulsbo Marine Science Center    
Onto Front Street    
Stop near Senior Center (in front of ...a bead store)    
Stop Front & Sunset (Martha & Mary)    
Stop at Park & Recreation Center    
Jensen & Front Street - Stop after Jensen    
Stop after Torval Canyon (in front of Austin Towers)    
Onto Lindvig Way    
Right onto Viking Ave    
Timberland Bank (stop in front)    
Stop at Stendahl    
Stop before Hwy. 305    
Right into North Viking Transit Center and Park & Ride

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