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Route 9 - South Park- Bus Stops

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Lefts, Rights, and Bus Stops
Shelter #
Port Orchard Ferry Dock
Left onto Sidney Ave.
Left onto Bay St.
Stop across from Comfort Inn on Bay St.
Left on Bay St. at traffic light    
Stop on Bay St. before Mitchell Ave.    
Stop at Bay Street Plaza    
Stop after Annapolis Mini Storage (Blue Goose Tavern)    
Stop before Olney Ave. (Beach & Olney)    
Right onto Olney Ave.
Stop at Horstman Rd.    
Stop after Sprague St. Yes
Right into Mile Hill Plaza past Albertsons    
Stop near Albertsons (in parking lot)    
Right Mile Hill Drive    
Stop at Roosevelt Ave.    
Stop by Red Dog Saloon Yes
Left into Towne Square (at A&W)    
Left at Town Square (in front of storefronts)    
Stop at Goodwill (Town Square)    
Left at end of Mall    
Left past Midas & A&W    
Exit Town Square towards Mitchell    
Left on Mitchell Ave.    
Stop by St. Gabriel Church
Stop at 2276 Mitchell    
Stop across from First Lutheran Church    
Left on Lincoln Ave.    
Stop after turn on Lincoln Ave.    
Stop past Greendale Dr.    
Right on Hoover Ave.    
Stop after Greendale Dr.    
Right on Lund Ave.    
Left on Cathie Ave.    
Stop at Walmart (1st driveway)
2nd right after bus stop    
Left at next corner    
Right at next driveway to Bethel    
Right on Bethel Rd.    
Stop at Safeway Yes
Right on Lund Ave.    
Stop past Harris    
Stop before Chase Rd.    
Right on Jackson Ave.    
Stop after turn onto Jackson (before Summer Pl)
Stop at Rustlewood    
Right on Salmonberry Rd    
Stop after turn onto Salmonberry Rd (Jackson & Salmonberry)    
Stop across from 2916 Salmonberry    
Right on Branson Dr.    
Stop before Alson Ct.    
Stop before Berger Ln.    
Left on Berger Lane    
Stop across from Del Tormay    
Right on Chase Rd.    
Stop after Kerri Ct.    
Right on Lund Ave.    
Stop by 7-11
Stop past Phillips Dr.    
Stop past SE Conifer Park Dr.    
Stop across Greenbrier Pl.    
Right on Madrona Dr.    
Stop across from White Cedar Dr. SE    
Stop at Rotary Park, past Red Spruce    
Stop past Lodgepole Dr.    
Stop at Fircrest Dr. SE    
Stop at Aspen Ct.    
Stop at Village Green Apts. on Madrona    
Right on Village Ln. into South Park Shopping Center    
Stop across from Village Lane Apts.    
Right towards South Park Pharmacy    
Stop in front Pharmacy - South Park Yes
Turn around in parking lot just beyond the pharmacy    
Lefts, Rights, and Bus Stops
Shelter #
Left on Village Ln.    
Stop at Larch Ln    
Right on Madrona Dr.    
Stop at Village Ln (South Park Green Apts) Yes
Stop by Hidden Terrace Yes
Left on Madrona Dr. at Harrison    
Stop past Sequoia St. (across from Marcus Whitman Jr. High)    
Right on Ash St.    
Stop at Jackson Ave.    
Right on Jackson Ave.    
Stop at Fir St.    
Stop past Maple St.    
Cross Mile Hill Dr. onto Olney Ave.    
Stop on Olney Ave. by Saars (Olney & Mile Hill)
Stop by Orlando St. Yes
Stop at Horstman Rd.    
Stop before Beach Drive.    
Left on Beach Drive    
Left up hill to Retsil Veteran's Home    
Stop at Retsil Veteran's Home    
Circle around compound return to Beach Dr.    
Left on Beach Dr. onto Bay St.    
Stop at Blue Goose Tavern    
Stop past curve at 1699 Bay St.    
Stop across from Bay Street Plaza    
Stop Key Bank    
Right on Bay St at Traffic Light    
Stop at Comfort Inn on Bay Street Yes
Right on Harrison Ave.    
Left to Port Orchard Ferry Dock
Port Orchard Ferry Dock Yes  

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